Thursday, January 27, 2011


Thought I would post some of the beauty products that I can not live without:

1. Daisy favorite scent ever but I only use it on occasions that are worthy ;)
2. Moroccan Oil...helps hair grow long and thick...and smells good
3. Olay Sensitive Skin face wipes....remove make up and everything else without irritating my face
4. Aveeno Face Sunscreen spf 70...when I'm gonna be in the sun alot I use this, and it doesn't cause breakouts
5. Tresemme Hair Spray...bendable, flexible and not sticky...won't use any other
6. Benifit "Hello Flawless" cover up...soft and light but effective coverage


  1. i always need to have a nice smelling perfume

  2. I also love the daisy perfume. Daisy and Lavin's perfume are my top two =)

  3. I've never owned Lavin, but I agree, its a good one!!