Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fringe Boots

Out and about Christmas shopping with the new puppy! For the fifth day in a row, it was raining and I was getting sick of the big jacket look. So I improvised, with a hat and scarf over a simple sweater. I let my hair be loose and naturally curly, as the rain would ruin any effort to control it. Also, I wore my fringe MIA boots, which I feel paired well with the messy, beachy hair style. These boots have been so useful to me, I love them! I bought then almost two years ago, but I feel they still come in handy on occasion. They make any otherwise boring outfit look stylish, and can be worn with so many looks. Since they are short and slouchy, they work perfectly not only with jeans, but also with shorts or skirts. To see more pictures of the boots, click here
Hope you guys are surviving the mall crowds,

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